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Directional Boring

We provide comprehensive excavation and boring services in Kansas.

Kansas Boring Contractors

Directional boring (aka direction drilling or slant drilling) is a trenchless excavation method that allows us to install and repair underground conduit, wiring, pipes, and other hardware with minimal disruption to the surface. This means structures, roadways, concrete, and landscaping, aren’t disturbed as components are installed.

These non-vertical bores can be used to navigate around all type of underground barriers. Similarly, we also provide horizontal directional drilling (HDD). Our boring services are available in Wichita, and throughout Kansas.

Benefits of Directional Boring

  • Reduces Aboveground Disruption
  • Easily Navigate Underground Barriers
  • Protects Surface Infrastructure
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Fast Installation
  • Efficient & Cost Effective
  • Durability Increases Lifespan
  • Reduced Soil Contamination
  • Versatile & Flexible Process
  • Safe & Clean Method

If you have a project that requires drilling under a structure, roadway, or other surface obstacles, get in touch for an estimate:

Large Boring Machine Digging a Trench

Fast Infrastructure Installation and Repair

Our equipment has the ability to install large diameter products as far as 1,000 feet in a single bore. We can excavate through tough materials, including concrete and hard rocks. It is possible to install multiple products from a single location. This is why directional drilling is one of the most efficient and cost effective methods for installing utilities and infrastructure.

Reddi Underground has experience with multiple types of excavation. Depending on the project, we may combine multiple boring techniques to achieve optimal results. This versatility, allows us to complete complex and large projects without outside resources. We serve the Wichita area, and the state of Kansas.

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